Seam2Seam™ EDPM SA Installations


To facilitate correct application of Seam2Seam™ EPDM SA membrane roofing systems, GenFlex will include the attached “Rooftop Tips” document with all new shipments of Seam2Seam EPDM membrane and Seam2Seam Sealant. This document supplements Seam2Seam EPDM installation videos available on YouTube, Seam2Seam installation details, GenFlex Technical Information Sheets and the Seam2Seam EPDM Application Guide, which has been updated and is available on our website.


The Rooftop Tips addresses critical application steps to follow in order to install Seam2Seam EPDM SA successfully:

  • It is vital to unroll and relax the membrane at least 30 minutes prior to installation. Up to 60 minutes may be required in overcast conditions or cold weather (below 40° F/4° C).
  • Do not fold the membrane in half to remove the release liners. Move the relaxed sheet into position and remove both release liners simultaneously at a 45° angle.
  • Properly prepare seam overlaps, remove the selvage edge release liner at a 45° angle, and mate the seams as instructed in the Seam2Seam Application Guide. Immediately hand-roll the seams using a 1½” to 2″ wide silicone roller, first at a right angle toward the outer seam edge and then along the length of the seam, making sure there is sufficient contact between membrane layers.
  • Apply Seam2Seam Sealant to seam edges by the end of each working day.
    • Cut the provided dispensing nozzle to create a 1/4″ to 5/16″ opening and apply Seam2Seam Sealant over both sides of the primed seam in a 3/8″ x 1/4″ wide bead.
    • Keep the applicator tip centered over the seam edge. The sealant bead must contact the upper and lower parts of the step-off.
    •  Do not tool, thin, or spread Seam2Seam Sealant.
    • A battery gun is required to ensure consistent, even application


When inclement weather is expected, apply GenFlex primer to all seam edges before leaving the project. On the next working day, clean, prime, and seal all seams as described above.


For additional information or contact GenFlex Technical Services at (800) 443-4272.


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