Improved GenFlex EZ TPO Peel & Stick

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Announcing a Self-Adhered TPO Membrane That Really Works – From 20° to 120° F Installation Temperature!


Self-adhering TPO membranes are a quick and convenient roofing solution – if the environmental conditions are near perfect. But if you've ever wanted to use them at 50° F or less, you've needed to trade performance for convenience. That trade-off ends with GenFlex EZ TPO Peel & Stick!


The GenFlex EZ TPO Peel & Stick utilizes an advanced adhesive technology that gives extreme adhesion – even down to installation temperatures of  20° F. In fact, laboratory test data proves that our new TPO Peel & Stick adheres as well at 20° F as it does on a warm summer day.


Extend Your Roofing Season

How many more TPO roofs could you install per year if your roofing window was down to 20° F? And how many more dollars per year would that mean for you? The new GenFlex EZ TPO Peel & Stick dramatically extends your season without sacrificing performance.


And while you're enjoying your longer roofing season, take time to appreciate:


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