EZFlex TPO Peel & Stick

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GenFlex EZFlex TPO Peel & Stick with Advanced Adhesion Technology is here to help by enabling you to apply more roofs month-to-month with a lower labor burden on your crew. 


What Is EZFlex TPO Peel & Stick?

GenFlex EZFlex TPO Peel & Stick is our most pliable thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membrane product offering and the most flexible TPO on the market*. It also comes with up to a 20-year warranty. That's a win for you and your customers.  

Learn how this innovative and cost-effective TPO SA membrane can help you cover more commercial roofs, stay competitive, and grow your business one square foot at a time. 


Roof Longer 

EZFlex TPO Peel & Stick is great for all weather conditions and maintains its flexibility, even in cold weather as low as 20℉. So when the temperatures start to dip in winter, you and your crew don't have to hang up your hats. You can keep unrolling high-quality roofing solutions. We know your bottom line can't wait for the perfect environmental conditions! 

Plus, with GenFlex EZFlex TPO Peel & Stick there's zero flash time and no need to apply additional adhesives on-site, thanks to SecureBond™ technology. With those time-savings, you can get on and off more roofs in the same month.


Roof with a Less Experienced Crew

The factory pre-applied and uniform adhesive coverage of EZFlex TPO Peel & Stick helps eliminate mistakes, and the streamlined installation process helps with jobsite efficiency. Work with GenFlex and you also enjoy on-demand training videos and on-site training. Just ask!  

Your more advanced crew members will also appreciate how easy it is to find weld settings, and how easy the product is on their hands during installation.


Roof with Less Waste

The new technology in GenFlex EZFlex TPO Peel & Stick presents benefits for you, your crew and clients, but also the environment. 

With no additional adhesives needed (and primers only needed for vertical surfaces), there's less materials and waste to deal with before, during, and after an installation, and no VOCs or odor. Clean-up is easier and you'll make fewer trips to the landfill. 

EZFlex TPO Peel & Stick is also Green Roof compatible and is available in white or tan hr to support a roof's reflectivity for energy savings.  


The Differentiator: SecureBond™ Technology

What is SecureBond™ technology? SecureBond technology creates an incredibly powerful bond over a broad temperature range. It promises uniform adhesion across the entire membrane. 

SecureBond™ technology complies with all VOC regulations, and is safe and odorless for roofing crew, contractors, building occupants, and the environment. SecureBond™ Technology meets or exceeds all ASTM requirements, and is UL and FM tested and approved.


Find GenFlex EZFlex TPO Peel & Stick Near You

Reach out to a GenFlex representative to find EZFlex TPO Peel & Stick near you and to explore GenFlex's many other “easy” offerings. Traditional canister spray-adhered TPO membranes aren't your only option, and we'll equip you with the know-how you need to make the most of this new technology. 

With more than 40 years of roofing industry experience under our tool belts, GenFlex is your resource for all things roofing, including training advice, sales materials, and on-demand support from trusted technical and customer service teams.


*Based on the Taber Stiffness testing versus best-selling competitor TPO. 


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