EPDM Solvent-Free Bonding Adhesive

GenFlex - EPDM Solvent-Free Bonding Adhesive

Announcing EPDM Solvent-Free Bonding Adhesive!

GenFlex Roofing Systems introduces EPDM Solvent-Free Bonding Adhesive. The new adhesive has single-side, wet lay application, allowing contractors to mate the membrane as soon as the adhesive has been applied. There is no need to wait for flash-off, and no mixing means contractors can immediately start applying, saving on time and manpower.

Benefits of GenFlex EPDM Solvent Free Bonding Adhesive include:

  • Single-sided, wet lay application, which allows contractors to mate the membrane as soon as the adhesive has been applied – a potential installation time that is up to 10 times faster than traditional methods
  • LVOC Adhesive
  • Coverage rate of 120-150 sq. ft. per gallon – 50% better than the competition
  • Immediately start applying and will always hold a uniformed mixture.

As limits on volatile organic compounds (VOCs) become more stringent, the EPDM Solvent-Free Bonding Adhesive does not emit odor during or after installation. With no odor, it is safe to install while buildings are occupied and reduces fatigue related to toxic fumes.


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