Pre-Manufactured Metal Edge Systems

GenFlex Metal Edge Product Header Choose GenFlex for easy-to-install perimeter edge metal systems. GenFlex roof edge products enhance the attractiveness of any EPDM or TPO roof system while serving as the first line of defense against wind uplift and water infiltration. GenFlex can help you expand your business offerings and improve project speed and efficiency with pre-manufactured, easy-to-install fascia, coping, drip edge, and gravel stop solutions. Our comprehensive, quick-ship portfolio includes both standard and custom options for your next roof. And to help you expedite installation, we offer step-by-step online videos and guides There are many reasons to protect your roof system with high-performance pre-manufactured roof metal edges from GenFlex, with benefits that include: 

  • Superior performance and secure fit for the life of the roof system
  • More efficient labor and spend, as GenFlex simplifies the process from takeoff to quote to installation
  • All components ship together – cleats, cover, and approved fasteners
  • Tested durability for metal edge solutions that meet ANSI/SPRI/FM 4435/ ES-1 building code standards for wind uplift 
  • Satisfies FM Approval and select products also satisfy Miami-Dade Approval

Contact your local GenFlex Representative and learn more about GenFlex's pre-manufactured metal roof edge products below. 


GenFlex Metal Edge Systems 

GenFlex Fascia Profiles: The fascia, or the transition trim, is both functional and stylish. The cleat  and fascia cover is attached to the face of the building to cover the edge of the overlapping membrane and help protect the roof from moisture. Provided in easy-to-install 12 ft. lengths. 

  • Reduced install time and labor costs thanks to snap-on covers and pre-punched holes 
  • Excellent edge securement
  • Meets building codes for wind uplift
  • Delivers lasting roof protection against harsh weather

GenFlex Coping Profiles: The coping is sheet metal that is bent to form a continuous cap covering the top of the roof's parapet wall. Today, coping is primarily used as an extra layer of protection.  

  • Versatility to cover a variety of parapet wall conditions
  • Can be installed in multiple scenarios 
  • Manufactured to the specifications of your project

GenFlex Drip Edge & Gravel Stop: The drip edge helps shield the materials on the side of a building from water runoff. The gravel stop is a perimeter edge metal used to terminate the membrane of a low slope roof system and prevent gravel from being washed away. Both components are essential for directing water away from the building. 

  • GenFlex TPO Skirted Drip Edge comes with factory-applied TPO skirts so contractors save time.
  • GenFlex Gravel Stop is quick and easy to install.  

GenFlex Complementary Products: To complement a roof edge system, GenFlex offers a variety of products. These are warrantable and non-warrantable products.

  • GenFlex Counterflashing provides a watertight termination at the leading edge of the roofing material. 
  • GenFlex Industrial Gutters offer easy installation with solid performance and an attractive appearance. They feature a unique, heavy aluminum gutter strap design which eliminates the need for drilling and riveting. The free-floating, hook-in strap allows for full thermal movement of the gutter.
  • GenFlex Industrial Downspouts are fabricated in sizes to meet specific job requirements. For easy installation, downspouts are produced with small and large ends with three attachment straps per 12′ section.

GenFlex offers everything you need to complete a roof edge system. From ready-to-ship stock items to custom-made pieces, GenFlex is your one-stop metal edge provider. Click here to see a complete part list with description.  Talk to your GenFlex representative about your next roof to see how we can support your project. 



Why GenFlex Metal Edge Solutions?

You have many companies to choose from when selecting an edge metal system. Still, only GenFlex offers the unique combination of easy-to-install products, online support, and best-in-class partners: Metal-Era and Hickman Edge Systems. Call your local GenFlex Representative to learn how we can improve your next job with the right metal edge solution. This is our commitment to you.

  • Your GenFlex representative will provide you with a detailed and accurate quote to ensure you have all the information and options you need for your building owner and crew. 
  • You'll save money by buying pre-manufactured metal edges from GenFlex since you don't have to purchase and maintain a machine to fabricate the metal. 
  • You'll save time and meet your project deadlines, as GenFlex offers rapid turnaround times on high-quality metal edge solutions.
  • You'll get everything you need in one easy package. All of the metal edge components necessary for installation are included.
  • You'll get installation help online. GenFlex offers detailed installation videos, and guides to assistance during product installation. 
  • You avoid risk, as GenFlex is a one-stop-shop for all edge system components that meet ANSI/SPRI/FM4435/ES-1 & FM Approval (if needed) & Miami-Dade Approval (if required).
  • You get the Total System Warranty — the ultimate protection for your roofing assembly. Purchasing GenFlex metal edging means you're eligible for a GenFlex Total System Warranty that includes the roof edge (coping, facias, and gravel stops). 


Edges Are Easy with GenFlex

It's easy to do business with GenFlex. See just how easy by calling a GenFlex expert near you and learning more about our metal edge program! View warrantied products and available options from GenFlex-Metal-Era and GenFlex-Hickman Edge Systems.

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