Get More When You Become a GenFlex Licensed Applicator

Get More When You Become A Genflex Licensed Applicator

When you're a licensed applicator, you can earn more money, pave a better future for your business, and more quickly earn the respect of clients. You've experienced this firsthand. Now, it's time to push your business to the next level. 

Become a GenFlex licensed applicator today. The program is designed to help you stand out from other contractors in your area when it comes to quality, efficiency, expertise, and cost savings for you and your clients.


Benefits of Being a GenFlex Licensed Applicator 

The GenFlex Licensed Applicator program helps you elevate your roofing business with excellent products and tools, and strengthen your technical skills (and those of your team) with best-in-class training sessions. Every aspect of the program is designed to help you roof more, learn more, and grow more in the easiest way possible. From fast-install roofing products to on-the-job education, we're all about making things easier for you! 




Fast, Nationwide Distribution 

When you become a GenFlex Licensed Applicator, you gain access to a nationwide network of manufacturing facilities and distribution centers so you can complete more jobs. You also open yourself up to being eligible for Spec-driven work, a benefit that unlicensed applicators do not have. Need job start-up training for your crew? A GenFlex Technical Representative will help you get rolling with tips and tricks to do the job right.  


Easy-to-Install Products

GenFlex’s EZ install portfolio of products includes Seam2Seam™ EPDM, EZ Peel & Stick TPO, low-rise foam adhesives, quick-applying Quick Jet spray adhesive, and all new Prefabricated Metal Edge Systems — in other words, all the products you need to complete installations quickly with minimal disruption to building operations!  


High-Quality Materials 

GenFlex products help you cut install time and labor costs without cutting corners on quality. Our origins date back to one of the pioneering companies in polymers and reinforced plastics, giving us a legacy of technical expertise, testing, and product advancement to rely on. Today, we remain future-focused and driven to provide the highest quality products possible. 


The Trust of a Warranty 

One of the best ways to differentiate your company from the competition is by offering No Dollar Limit warranties. GenFlex Roofing System Warranties are available up to 20 years and cover the entire GenFlex roofing system. Material warranties are available for up to 40 years! GenFlex is one of the most trusted names in the industry and our warranties are backed by the financial strength of Firestone Building Products to truly offer peace of mind.


Best-In-Class Warranty Service

Even the best roofs need repair from time to time. Heavy storms, rooftop traffic, appliance maintenance, and other factors make it necessary for building owners and property managers to report leaks. GenFlex makes it easy to take care of the leaks through the Mobile Service App.  The Service App is an easy way for your company to receive a warranty work order and submit a warranty service invoice. The Service App was developed to fill voids in the warranty service order process reported by building owners and contractors. The mobile app replaces warranty service work orders sent via email or fax. Download the app for iPhone or Android.  




Professional Development 

While GenFlex products are super easy for you and your team to install, everyone could benefit from more education. That's called growth! And it could help you move faster, on and off the roof.

Increase your roofing knowledge through the GenFlex Building Products University. This online education portal gives you access to product training, installation tips, and easy-to-understand roofing 101 content to get any crew member up-to-speed fast. Everything is accessible on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can even compete against other learners and rise up the leaderboard! Learn how to sign up


Support from Real People

Get technical support from a knowledgeable team that knows roofing. Real, U.S. based-people are available by phone at 800-443-4272 or find your local GenFlex Sales Rep or reach out to a representative at The GenFlex network of local sales representatives is also at your disposal when you're a GenFlex Licensed Applicator. They're equipped to help you land a sale and send you job leads, too. 



The Recognition of a Veteran Brand

GenFlex Licensed Applicators can leverage the credibility of the GenFlex brand. GenFlex has been around for more than 40 years, and our “green and gray” is respected and known from coast to coast by architects, building owners, and other contractors. Take advantage of that clout to earn business. Showcase a licensed contractor GenFlex logo in your marketing materials, including your website, email signature, signage, or truck. 


Become a GenFlex Licensed Applicator

Keep building your business with the help of the GenFlex Licensed Applicator program. Contact your local GenFlex Sales representative today to become one of our very important Licensed Applicators!