EPDM Details


Detail #PDFDWGDetail Name
E-1.01PDFDWGWall Termination
E-1.02PDFDWGWall Termination with Counter Flashing
E-1.03PDFDWGCommon Counter Flashing & Membrane Securement
E-1.04PDFDWGCoping Termination Over Membrane Flashing
E-1.05PDFDWGParapet Wall with Metal Edge
E-1.07PDFDWGParapet Wall With Termination Bar
E-1.09PDFDWGVertical Termination
E-1.10PDFDWGTermination Bar at Joint in Precast Concrete Panel
E-1.11PDFDWGReglet-Mounted Counter-Flashing Termination
E-1.12PDFDWGSurface-Mounted Counter-Flashing Termination
E-2.01PDFDWGContinuous Membrane Base Flashing – Vertically Secured
E-2.02PDFDWGVertically Secured Wall Base Flashing
E-2.04PDFDWGContinuous Membrane Base Flashing – Horizontally Secured
E-2.08PDFDWGHorizontally Secured Peel & Stick RPS
E-2.09PDFDWGVertically Secured Peel & Stick RPS
E-3.01PDFDWGVertical Seam in Base Flashing – Using Cured EPDM
E-3.02APDFDWGIntermediate Securement Into Structural Substrate
E-3.02BPDFDWGIntermediate Securement Into Non-Structural Substrate
E-3.03PDFDWGSloped Wall Transition
E-3.04PDFDWGVertically Secured Curb/Skylight Flashing
E-3.05PDFDWGWelded Watertight Curb/Skylight Flashing (Option A)
E-3.06PDFDWGCurb/Skylight/Roof Hatch with Backer Rod Termination
E-3.07PDFDWGWelded Watertight Curb/Skylight Flashing (Option B)
E-3.08PDFDWGHorizontally Secured Curb/Skylight Flashing
E-3.10PDFDWGSleeper Curb Assembly
E-3.11PDFDWGGravel Stop to Wall Flashing
E-3.12PDFDWGSleeper Support Assembly
E-4.02PDFDWGField Fabricated Inside Corner
E-4.03PDFDWGPeel & Stick Inside Corner
E-5.02PDFDWGField Fabricated Outside Corner
E-5.03PDFDWGPeel & Stick Outside Corner
E-6.01PDFDWGSeam Tape Application
E-6.07PDFDWGBar-In-Seam System Seam Tape Application
E-6.08PDFDWGFRM Systems Seam Tape Application
E-6.10PDFDWGT-Joint/Seam Intersection Cover
E-6.12PDFDWGSeam Tape End Lap Splice
E-7.03PDFDWGPeel & Stick Prefabricated Pipe Boot
E-7.04PDFDWGField Fabricated Pipe Flashing
E-7.06PDFDWGField Fabricated Hot Stack Flashing
E-8.01PDFDWGRoof Drain
E-8.02PDFDWGMembrane Securement at Drain with Sump Greater Than or Equal to 2/12
E-9.01PDFDWGPitch Pan
E-9.02PDFDWGWatertight Pitch Pan
E-9.03PDFDWGEPDM Pre-Molded Pipe Boot as a Pourable Sealer Pocket
E-9.04PDFDWGThree-Sided Pourable Sealer Pocket
E-10.02PDFDWGOverflow Scupper
E-11.01PDFDWGExpansion or Control Joint
E-11.02PDFDWGCurb Expansion Joint
E-11.03PDFDWGExpansion Joint – Ballasted Systems Only
E-11.04PDFDWGBasewall Expansion Joint
E-14.01PDFDWGMetal Gravel Stop
E-14.03PDFDWGTwo Piece Snap on Gravel Stop (Option A)
E-14.04PDFDWGTwo Piece Snap on Gravel Stop (Option B)
E-14.05PDFDWGGutter with Flange
E-14.06PDFDWGPerforated Gravel Stop with Gutter
E-14.08PDFDWGEdge Termination
E-14.09PDFDWGGravelstop/Edging Lap Joint
E-14.10PDFDWGGravelstop with Face Plate
E-14.11PDFDWGTwo Piece Snap on Gravel Stop with RPS
E-14.12PDFDWGGenFlex Fascia Edge Metal
E-15.01PDFDWGCover Tape Application
E-15.05PDFDWGBar Cover Tape Over Field Seam Intersection
E-15.06PDFDWGBar Cover Tape End Lap Splice
E-16.02PDFDWGConcrete Walkway
E-16.03PDFDWGPipe Support
E-16.05PDFDWGMolded EPDM with Pre-Applied Seam Tape Walkpad Installation
E-17.01PDFDWGHigh Profile Edge Caulk
E-18.01PDFDWGEPDM Systems Tie-In
E-18.02PDFDWGCurb Tie-In
E-18.03PDFDWGTie-In to BUR with Pitch Pan Sealer
E-18.04PDFDWGTie-In to BUR with Cold Process or Asphalt
E-19.01PDFDWGLightning Rod
E-19.02PDFDWGLightning Rod
E-19.03PDFDWGTemporary Night Seal
E-19.04PDFDWGGrease Vent



Detail #PDFDWGDetail Name
N/APDFDWGInsulation Securement Patterns 1-4
N/APDFDWGInsulation Securement Patterns 5-7
E-1.03-4.5PDFDWGBallasted System Insulation Cross Section
E-11.06PDFDWGFully Adhered System Insulation Cross Section
E-11.07PDFDWGFully Adhered System Insulation Securement
E-26.01&25.01PDFDWGBar-In-Seam System Insulation Cross Section
E-26.07&26.06PDFDWGBar-In-Seam Insulation Securement
E-26.02&25.02PDFDWGBar-In-Seam System Perimeter Layout Patterns
E-27.01&22.04PDFDWGBar Cover Tape System Insulation Cross Section
E-27.05&27.06PDFDWGBar Cover Tape Insulation Securement
E-27.02&22.05PDFDWGBar Cover Tape System Perimeter Layout Patterns
E-70.00&70.01PDFDWGFRM System Perimeter Layour Patterns
E-71.01&71.00PDFDWGFRM System Insulation Cross Section
E-71.05&71.03PDFDWGFRM Insulation Securement
EMR-1.13PDFDWGMetal Roof to Metal Siding – Vertical Termination and Counter-Flashing
EMR-2.08APDFDWGMetal Roof Base Flashing
EMR-2.08BPDFDWGMetal Roof to Vertical Sliding Base Flashing
EMR-11.06PDFDWGFully Adhered Metal Recover System Insulation Cross Section
EMR-11.07PDFDWGFully Adhered Metal Recover Insulation Securement
EMR-14.01PDFDWGMetal Edge Flashing
FRM-70.00-.01PDFDWGFRM System Perimeter Layout Patterns
FRM-71.00-.01PDFDWGFRM System Cross Section
FRM-71.03-.05PDFDWGFRM Securement Patterns
FW-6.10PDFDWGFlexWhite EPDM T-Joint / Seam Intersection Cover
FW-16.05PDFDWGFlexWhite EPDM Installation of Walkway Pad