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Adhesive LVOC Size Options Dispensing Method Ambient Temperature for Installation Coverage Rates Shelf Life Insulation Fleeceback TPO
GenFlex Quick Dual Adhesive
Part 1 & Kit – SKU: W59RACIAHFO1
Part 2 – SKU: W59RACIAHFO2
Yes Portable Canister Spray 40*F & rising 3,500 SF (12″ bead) 12 months Yes Yes
GenFlex I.S.O. Bond Adhesive
Part 1 – SKU: W590052001
Part 2 – SKU: W590052002
Yes 5 Gal Bag in Box Pace Cart 40*F & rising 180-250 SF/Gal
(12″ bead)
18 months Yes No
GenFlex One Step Insulation Adhesive
Cartridge – SKU: W590010132
Yes 1500mL Cartridge Nozzle Dispenser 20*F & rising 300 SF
(6″ bead)
12 months Yes No
GenFlex Quick Jet Adhesive
Canister – SKU: W59RACSADC
Accessories sold separately – See PDS
Yes Portable Canister Spray 25*F & rising 1,000 SF 12 months No Yes


GenFlex Quick Jet

GenFlex Quick Jet low-temperature, LVOC spray adhesive helps boost productivity and reduce labor cost. It’s designed to be portable and easy to use, and it’s the perfect alternative to roll-on adhesives for all GenFlex non-SA single-ply membranes. *


  • Faster installation with minimal flash off
  • Cover more roof with each canister (650–1,000 square feet)
  • Applies in temperatures as low as 25˚ F (-4˚ C)
  • Each resealable canister is all-inclusive so you can avoid purchasing expensive spray rigs

* Comparison based on Quick Jet vs. GenFlex AFR EPDM/GenFlex All Purpose Bonding Adhesive from third party testing. Results may vary.

GenFlex Quick Dual with HFO Propellant

GenFlex Quick Dual HFO

GenFlex Quick Dual is a two-part, low-rise foam adhesive that works for insulation and fleeceback membrane over most approved substrates. It requires no special equipment, covers up to 3,500 square feed per kit, and supports fast and easy set-up and shut down improving rooftop productivity. Each set conveniently comes with hose/gun, mix tips, and extension tubes.  

Quick Dual has been updated with an environmentally-friendly HFO propellant that’s compliant with all U.S. State and Canadian Provincial regulations. HFO propellants are categorized as having zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and low global warming potential (GWP), providing a more sustainable solution compared to alternatives CFC, HCFC, and HFC propellants. Learn more about HFOs.


  • HFO propellant meets current regulations in the U.S. and Canada 
  • Coverage rate up to 3,500 square feet per kit (12” OC ribbon spacing)
  • Fast and easy setup and shut down for better rooftop productivity
  • No additional or specialized equipment or power needed
  • Can be used in serpentine and spatter application

For specific application needs, check out the product data sheets.



GenFlex One-Part Pourable Sealer

GenFlex One-Part Pourable Sealer, which is available in black or white for use on EPDM and TPO roofing installations, is a liquid flashing solution that when combined with UltraFlashTM Fabric requires no mixing to simplify application.*


  • No measuring and no mixing so it reduces installation time and eliminates the risk of incorrect preparation
  • Resealable packaging can be saved to use within 30 days*
  • Water resistant in 90 minutes.** Quick application and cure times enable flashing details to be completed efficiently, optimizing labor resources
  • Included in GenFlex’s Limited Warranty† for up to 20 years when used as a complete flashing system with liquid and fabric

For more information view our One-Part Pourable Sealer Sell Sheet.

See PDS sheet for installation instructions. ** According to lab testing. † Conditions apply. See for details.  

GenFlex partners with Metal Era for roof edges, gutters and downspouts that may be necessary to your roofing projects.  For more information on these products, click here.

Sell Sheets / Brochures:

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One-Part Pourable Sealer Sell Sheet

Quick Dual Launch Notice

Single-Ply LVOC Sell Sheet

Safety Solutions Sell Sheet

Vapor Shield Membrane Sell Sheet

GenFlex Full Line Brochure

For a complete list of submittal sheets, training videos, and other tools, click here.