Warranty Management

Buying or selling a building with a warranted GenFlex roof assembly on it? To initiate a Warranty Transfer, please complete the form below.


Making changes to your warranted GenFlex roof assembly?  To notify GenFlex of alterations to a warranted GenFlex roof, please download and complete our Post Warranty Alteration Form. For Photovoltaic (PV) installations, an Overburden Waiver is required.

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    1There are no known and necessary repairs that have not been performed which would create a claim against the warranty after it is transferred.
    1There are no conditions known to me that may be detrimental to the GenFlex roofing system.
    A roof review waswas not performed by a currently licensed GenFlex contractor within the past 90 days.
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    1A transfer fee of $1000 will be invoiced for each individual project to be transferred.
    1I will be invoiced as part of the transfer process.

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