GenFlex Classroom and Hands-on Training Programs


GenFlex Classroom and Hands-on Training Programs

GenFlex believes that providing valuable training at no cost to its contractors is an investment worth making. GenFlex has a great team with the knowledge and expertise to explain and demonstrate the proper installation methods for its products. Training is usually conducted with the support of our many distributors throughout North America, all of whom understand that the contractor’s success is our success.


While training will vary from location to location, we would like to highlight one of our training programs that is getting a lot of praise from the participants. Zoe Bayley, a GenFlex representative in Atlanta, GA, has developed a training program with the local distributor, Roofing Supply Group (RSG).


Zoe has designed training that focuses on the newly-licensed commercial roofing contractors. Many of these contractors have a solid understanding of residential roofing but need more guidance and training on proper TPO installation as they move into the commercial side of the industry. The training is conducted quarterly at the distributor’s facility. Training starts early in the morning with breakfast provided, followed by hands-on training, then lunch. The number of trainees are limited to 15 so individualized attention can be given. “One thing the distributor requires is that their sales representatives attend along with their contractors,” states Zoe. “That way the contractor has another familiar face, who can support them and help answer their questions. This customer focus is an important aspect of our business.” A central part of the training is that the contractors get to have a hands-on experience with a simulated roofing deck. This way the contractors not only are able to see the proper techniques but are able to perform them as well, with the guidance of an expert. Upon completion, the contractor is presented with a certificate attesting that they have successfully completed the training.


The training does not end there. Zoe will also schedule “classroom” training at the contractor’s facility approximately two weeks after the hands-on training. The contractor must be licensed and have completed the application process to be an official GenFlex contractor in order to qualify for this additional training. For those meeting that criteria, Zoe will then conduct a presentation of what she calls “GenFlex Commercial Roofing 101” for the contractor’s entire team. This includes a quiz and a question and answer session. Zoe will also tailor the training to the needs of the contractor upon request. The training that Zoe has developed gives the new GenFlex contractor the knowledge and expertise to offer great results for their customers.


While we highlighted the details of the successful program that Zoe Bayley has developed in Atlanta, she is not alone. All of our representatives understand the importance of providing support to our contractors. If you are interested in training for your team, please visit our training request page.


Additional Training Resources

GenFlex provides extensive online training with the GenFlex University Online Education Program. In addition, many informative videos can be found on our training video page.