Make your roof last despite summer storms


Make your roof last despite summer storms

At any given time, there are 1,800 storms occurring, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Weather Service. This adds up to approximately 16 million storms every year…good odds that one will be brewing over a roof near you soon enough. Summer is a particularly intense season for severe weather due to the rise in warm temperatures and added moisture in the air. Inevitably, severe summer storms will damage buildings and homes.


After any severe weather, it is a good building maintenance practice to perform a roof inspection to ensure there is no damage. Some important things to look for include:

  • Proper drainage: Low slope roofs are designed to drain within 24-72 hours. Standing water after this time frame may indicate a problem.
  • Remaining debris: Clear all debris left from a passing storm to allow for a thorough inspection of the membrane. This is especially important with a reflective roof membrane; its solar reflectance comes from its bright white finish, so debris or excessive particulate matter obscuring the membrane diminishes its efficiency (as well as hiding potential damage).
  • Leaks: Look for tears or punctures that have allowed rain to penetrate to the substrate. Seams are often the most common places you will find leaks, so be sure to thoroughly inspect these areas for issues. A compromised seam may be subtle, but a slow leak can cause massive damage in compromised insulation, mold, and damage to the building’s interior.


Additionally, the extreme rise in temperatures that roofs experience in the summer can cause expansion and contraction.  These forces can cause damage on its own over time, or may simply leave seams more vulnerable to leaks after a storm.


Using flexible products that are designed to handle the extreme changes in temperature can help keep your building’s roof at the top of its game. GenFlex offers a full line of roofing products designed to suit your roofing needs. Learn more at Products, or check out GenFlex University for an interactive guide to installing, inspecting and maintaining a high-performance roof for all seasons.


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