A Marine and a Roofer – Called to Service


“It doesn’t matter what I’ve done – I’ve always tried to be a professional.”

For Paul Swingle, a roofing consultant and former Marine based out of Georgia, integrity and discipline to do the best job in the most effective way possible, has always driven him to work creatively to deliver on a mission.

After living his dream of playing college football and winning a National Championship in Mount Union, Ohio, Paul decided there was more in store for his future, so he joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 2001. After 10 years with the Marines, Paul decided it was time to take what he had learned and loved in the Marines and transition to civilian life, “I loved deploying. I loved training. I believed in our mission. And I wanted to keep that passion going for myself after I got out of the Marine Corps.”

Finding Roofing

By spending some time back home in Ohio, Paul reconnected with friends who, while he was in the military, began careers in roofing and storm reconstruction. They easily recruited him, “when I saw the financial success my friends were having, I wanted to know more.” Paul quickly learned the ins-and-outs of commercial roofing and high-volume sales working with his friends. Eventually he made his first commercial sale and was hooked. He found the passion that had been missing from his life since leaving the Marines, particularly in the estimating and problem-solving involved in roofing. “Being a good contractor isn’t just selling what the customer wants. I enjoy this challenge again. I am able to be creative … I don’t want to be stuck in a box. I want to be challenged.”

A Reliable Future

Shortly after learning the craft of commercial roof consulting, Paul moved to Georgia where he married the love of his life and began working mostly as a roofing consultant. He has built a reputation as being someone who will do things the right way and who works with the best products. GenFlex has been a go-to choice for Paul because in addition to the reliable products, “They are the first manufacturer that ever believed in me. I am extremely thankful for that relationship I have with them.” GenFlex’s belief in Paul has earned a loyal customer for life.

Reflecting as a Veteran

Like many veterans, after finishing his service, Paul wanted to find something he was as passionate about as being a Marine. He believes his Marine Corps training is what helped him find the courage to try something new because while he learned a lot, he said he wasn’t prepared for the financial liabilities of civilian work. He encourages all veterans to find something that will utilize their training, especially the intangibles. “The roofing industry is a perfect fit,” notes Paul.

The impression the Marine Corps left on him will never subside and will guide him in all his future business endeavors. “There are 14 leadership traits we learn in the Marine Corps. That will always be in my brain. Those intangibles are what motivates you. I’m very thankful for my experience because it defined those intangibles. They’re already in us – the Marine Corps just defines them for you.”

GenFlex would like to thank all our distributors, contractors, consultants and roofers who are veterans. Thank you for your service.