Benefits of a Heat-Welded System


Benefits of a Heat-Welded System

As we all know, “heat-welded roofs” refer to the seams of a roofing membrane that have been fused together with the application of heat. Single-ply thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membranes, including GenFlex’s TPO, are typically used. GenFlex EZ TPO and EZ TPO Peel & Stick™ HW are heat-welded roofing membranes made of high‑quality thermoplastic polyolefin. They are excellent choices regardless of configuration, usage, slope, height location or wind exposure.


Installation Benefits

When comparing heat-welded seams with glued or taped seams, the seam strength is 3–4 times more durable and requires 40–50% less seaming time, reducing labor costs and ultimately making the installation less expensive. Welding can be done even in cold conditions where adhesives and asphalt are difficult to use. A VOC-free method of adherence, giving it another advantage.


GenFlex’s INVISIWELD and INVISIWELD‑S induction welding systems provide the specialized tools needed to create the proper welds. INVISIWELD uses an electromagnetic pulse to produce a weld between the plate and the underside of the membrane, resulting in a high-performance, non-penetrating, mechanically-fastened roof system with greatly increased wind uplift resistance.


GenFlex EZ TPO also offers the industry’s first 12-foot-wide sheet meeting industry code requirements. When installing on surfaces that include unusual or odd-shaped contours, these wide sheets install with a continuous, even surface reducing the number of seams, having no mechanical penetration of the membrane, while adding minimal weight to the deck.


Maintenance Benefits

Maintenance is a key operating cost of any business. Heat-welding provides the strongest seams available, which is typically the weakest point in a roof system. In fact, the strength of heat welds is equal to or greater than the membranes themselves. This translates into lower maintenance costs.


Other advantages of using either GenFlex EZ TPO or EZ TPO Peel & Stick™ HW membranes for your heat‑welded roofs include reducing cooling system wear and tear since it is a “cool roof” material, delivering high-solar reflectivity (65 or higher) and high emissivity (80% or higher) while reducing electrical demand and improving building comfort. These products provide a relatively smooth finish surface that resists the accumulation of dirt, windblown debris and biological growth. Since they are manufactured with a greater thickness than some other TPOs, they provide strong puncture resistance, as well as resistance against a variety of chemicals. They are also environmentally-friendly product choices (ENERGY STAR, LEED).


One thing to keep in mind when considering a heat-welded roofing system is that they do require experience and expertise to be installed properly. Be sure to contact a qualified, commercial roofing contractor like those who are GenFlex authorized. You can locate GenFlex-authorized contractors here.