GenFlex Now Offers Time-Saving Metal Edge Systems


GenFlex Metal Edge HEader

GenFlex has partnered with Metal-Era and Hickman Edge Systems to offer easy-to-install perimeter edge systems for any EPDM or TPO roof. This new metal edge program is one more way we aim to give you the distinctive edge you need to stand out in a crowd of commercial contractors. With GenFlex, you get high-quality products that help you secure new jobs and perform them faster than before. 

“GenFlex is excited to offer this new product line for our family of talented contractors and help each one of them accelerate their growth,” said David Martiny, Director of Product Management for Firestone Building Products. “Product features like snap-on covers, pre-punched holes, and factory-applied elements are sure to save our contractors time and effort out on the roof.” 

Now along with EPDM, TPO, and Polyiso roofing systems, you can add fascia, coping, drip edge, and gravel stop solutions to your GenFlex offerings, too. You're offering the complete package! 


Why GenFlex Metal Edge Systems? 

Protect your next roof system with roof metal edges from GenFlex. Your clients will enjoy:

  • First-rate performance and a reliable fit for the roof's lifetime
  • Proven system durability, as our metal edge solutions meet ANSI/SPRI/FM 4435/ES-1 building code standards for wind uplift 
  • The ultimate protection for the roof system—purchasing GenFlex metal edging means you're eligible for a GenFlex Total System Warranty 

And you—the one on the roof? You'll enjoy more efficient labor and spend since GenFlex simplifies the metal edge system process from take-off to quote to installation. All components ship together, including the cleats, cover, and approved fasteners—no need to source pieces from different manufacturers or wait on orders from across the country. 

Plus, GenFlex is there to support you throughout your installation with step-by-step online videos. And since you're buying a pre-manufactured metal edge system, you won't spend money buying, servicing, and operating a machine to fabricate the metal. After installation, you can continue operations with confidence, knowing that the system you put in place meets ANSI/SPRI/FM4435/ES-1 & FM Approval (if needed) and Miami-Dade Approval (if required and must meet certain application requirements). 


GenFlex Metal Edge Products 

Our comprehensive portfolio ships fast and includes standard, pre-manufactured production and custom options for fascia, coping, drip edges, and gravel stops. Beyond meeting all building codes and providing excellent protection, the GenFlex metal edge portfolio is exclusively designed for contractor ease.  

  • GenFlex fascia profiles come in easy-to-install 12-ft. lengths and feature snap-on covers and pre-punched holes.
  • GenFlex coping profiles are ready for installation in diverse situations and can be manufactured to suit your project. 
  • GenFlex drip edge and gravel stop edges come with factory-applied TPO skirts to save your team install time. 

Two accomplished partners help produce and deliver your GenFlex edge components: Metal-Era and Hickman Edge Systems. Metal-Era was founded in 1980 and has since grown to be the largest edge metal systems manufacturer in North America. Hickman Edge Systems has been around for decades, too. The best-in-class roof edge company started producing edge meal products in 1945.  


Choose the Easy Company, the Easy Metal Edges 

Call your GenFlex representative to see how we can support your next project with a complete roof edge system. Your representative will start with a detailed quote and overview to ensure you have all the details you need to communicate with your client and crew. When your order arrives, you can quickly get the job done since everything will come in one package. All of your installation components will be delivered right to you, and GenFlex supports you throughout the installation with online help that's accessible 24/7. Just check out our detailed installation videos

We make metal edge systems easy. Check out available options from GenFlex-Metal-Era and GenFlex-Hickman Edge Systems, then contact a GenFlex representative near you to add metal edge products to your business offerings today.