GenFlex TPO Membrane Glossy to Matte Aesthetic Finish Transition


GenFlex is changing the aesthetics of 19 skus to address the needs of our customers.  This will change the previous glossy finish, to a matte finish, which matches the aesthetics of GenFlex’s other matte finish TPO skus. Additionally, the aesthetic change also creates the need for new skus, to identify and differentiate the new matte finish membrane vs. the previously glossy finish membrane. Full details of the aesthetic transition are listed as follows.


Membrane Finish Change Details

  • New matte finish TPO membrane production start date: August 30th, 2021
  • 19 skus
  • Affects 6’, 12’ & XR (Fleece-Back) TPO membranes
  • Glossy skus will no longer be produced after August 30th, 2021
  • The change in finish allows for TPO membrane aesthetic uniformity for all skus
  • Orders that have not previously shipped with the glossy membrane will transition to the new matte finish TPO membrane skus
  • Old (glossy) to new (matte) sku transitions are listed as follows