Temporary Product Substitutions Update


While the roofing and waterproofing industries continue to be challenged by global supply constraints, GenFlex is committed to working with you to complete projects and satisfy customer expectations. This bulletin update confirms the continuation of the Temporary Product Substitution process.

For a project with a product substitution to receive a GenFlex Roofing System Warranty, an approved Technical Deviation must be applied to the Pre-Installation Notice (PIN). PINs should be submitted at least two weeks prior to project start. Please contact your GenFlex Sales Representative or Regional Technical Coordinator for assistance submitting Technical Deviation Requests. Always provide the manufacturer’s Technical Information Sheet with substitution requests, as well as any other pertinent information, to help expedite approvals. Pull-out values for proposed fastener substitutions may be required depending on project specifics.



Any FM 4470 approved roofing fastener is acceptable for use in a GenFlex-warranted system provided the fastener is of an equivalent gauge, is provided by a major manufacturer of roofing fasteners (or supplied by a major roofing manufacturer under third party agreement), is listed in RoofNav, and displays the FM diamond logo on the product label or data sheet.



Additionally, product substitutions for insulation may be considered as well. When non-GenFlex insulations are used additional components like thermal barriers, cover boards or alternate attachment methods maybe required.



  • When product deviations are made, performance validation such as uplift and fire may not be possible.
  • Deviations are subject to the Terms, Conditions, and Limitations of the GenFlex warranty.
  • Refer to previous substitution bulletin, GenFlex technical and warranty documents for additional information.


The substitutions process outlined in the previous bulletin and above are still in effect until further notice. Once GenFlex branded products are available this temporary substitution process will be halted. GenFlex remains open to other substitutions on a case-by-case basis. Requests should be submitted via the Technical Deviation Request Form. GenFlex will provide an official communication once the product shortages are deemed resolved.

Please contact your GenFlex Regional Technical Coordinator at 800-443-4272 with requests for additional information.


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