Painting of Single-Ply Membrane


Technical Bulletin: Painting of Single-Ply Membrane


GenFlex is sometimes asked to approve the application of painted logos on GenFlex single-ply membranes. Maintaining the building owner’s warranted GenFlex roofing system in a serviceable condition is of primary concern when considering any form of overburden, that is, any type of structure, covering, or surfacing that limits or restricts GenFlex’s ability to investigate and repair the warranted GenFlex roofing system. GenFlex considers paints and other surfacing that are not necessary for the performance of the GenFlex roofing system as overburden.


There are numerous brands of tintable paints and coatings on the market. An Owner should choose the one that works best for their intended purpose. Primer may be required to achieve long-term adhesion to the GenFlex membrane. Most commercially available latex or acrylic paints or coatings are compatible with GenFlex membranes, but the paint or coating manufacturer should confirm compatibility of the product(s) used.


In order to keep the GenFlex Roofing System Warranty in good standing, the building owner should submit an Overburden Waiver and a Post Warranty Alteration Form to Holcim Warranty Services at the completion of their project. These forms are available in the Warranty Management section on the website or by using the links below.


Post Warranty Alteration Form

Overburden Waver Form


GenFlex Roofing Systems expresses no claims or guarantees regarding the performance of products by other manufacturers used in conjunction with GenFlex products. Please contact GenFlex Warranty Services at 800-443-4272 for additional assistance.


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