Fall Roof Inspection Tips

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Fall Roof Inspection Tips Like it or not, summer is over! Autumn is upon us. On the bright side, fall is a great time for many of us to enjoy the changing foliage, and the cooler weather can be a welcome reprieve from the hot days of summer. Fall is also an important time to inspect your roof. You may choose to perform an inspection yourself or call in a licensed GenFlex Applicator to conduct a more comprehensive inspection. Fall inspections are important since they can uncover damage from summer storms , but fall is also a good time to perform needed maintenance to prepare your roof for winter. What to Look For You want to look for physical damage to the roof such as cuts, punctures, or tears in the roofing membrane or flashings. For a...

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Impact of Tax Reform on the Commercial Roofing Industry

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Impact of Tax Reform on the Commercial Roofing Industry The recently enacted national tax reform bill features pro-growth adjustments for businesses, and the roofing industry is one of the benefitting parties. Better known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the bill features enhanced deductions under Section 179 that lower the cost of commercial property improvements, including the roof.   The newly modified Section 179 expands the definition of eligible property and increases the amount of associated costs that may be expensed as of January 1, 2018. Certain updates to nonresidential property, including roofs, may now be fully expensed in the year of purchase, rather than depreciating the cost over 39 years.   The reform also...

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